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Raphael Macek Gallery is completely dedicated to fueling the rise of emerging artists. Focused on contemporary art, Raphael Macek features exhibits and pieces that are dripping with talent. Other than client satisfaction, the goal is based on the simple idea that art exists to be seen. An “art for all” attitude, and willingness to offer exposure and development to every artist keeps the best galleries, interior designers, home decor retail stores and architects coming back to the Gallery again and again. Working with a crew of curators that focuses solely on selection and talent. Clients and collectors know that working with this fantastic new concept of gallery will always be a pleasurable and easy experience. Focused on expression, beauty and a hint (okay, a bit more than just a hint) of uniqueness.

Specialized curators take the time to work with everyone, learning as much as possible about each individual client. If Raphael Macek Gallery comes across a piece that they know a client will love, they are certain to reach out regarding it. They know their client base inside and out. It all boils down to the principles of perfected customer service and the advantage of a well-trained eye. Personalized service allows the gallery to take the initiative when matching piece to client. Whether they’re working with the client directly, or side by side with an architect or interior designer, Raphael Macek is totally focused on creating a flawless combination of design space and art. Experienced, demanding collectors get the same attention as a client who is just beginning their art journey.

Art has the ability to elevate mood, brighten living space, define style and bring comfort. Human beings love pieces of art that are aesthetically pleasing to them, and the definition of that is different for every person.

Raphael Macek Gallery knows that shopping for the perfect piece of art can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not working with a professional decorator. It can be difficult to imagine the design and the flow that you want to create. The experienced professionals at the gallery will be able to help you establish that from day one. Art is about personal expression, and with an amazing selection that you won’t find anywhere else. Taking the time to come in and browse the gallery and exhibits will bring a quiet calm that contrasts sharply to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Art collectors are passionate about their hobby, and as that passion grows, the gallery itself can become somewhat of a sanctuary. Standing in front of a piece will help you get a feel for it, and whether or not it will bring joy to your space that art is meant to bring. We all lead busy lives, packed full of commitments and perceived time constraints, so losing yourself in an art gallery for hours at a time might not be feasible. Fortunately, Raphael Macek Gallery makes art possible for everyone, is the definition of art for all. For more information contact us.



RAPHAEL MACEK - Photography work by Raphael Macek

RAPHAEL MACEK WORKSHOPS - Raphael Macek workshops around the world.

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