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Raphael Macek born on August 11, 1981 into a family of animal lovers. His father, a horse breeder and veterinarian, instilled in Raphael his passion and love for animals. This experience and relationship have made Raphael Macek one of the most important contemporary horse photographers in the world today.

Macek decided early on to turn his hobby into a career. Working so closely with different cultures and people while searching for models had an impact on his life as well as his style and helped to shift his focus toward the natural world.

In 2007 he graduated with a Masters of Fine Art degree in New York City. In the years that followed, he published his work in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. In 2009 he photographed on safaris in Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya.

Over the course of his career, Macek has become known for his unique ability to capture the beauty of his animal subjects along with their emotions and the essence of their nature. Horses of different breeds from around the world have served as Macek’s top models. The artistic view expressed in his work has been recognized worldwide in important art exhibitions, private showings, and publications.

Today Raphael Macek is at home around the world. More and more he is dedicating himself to his own projects, such as Equine Beauty. His ongoing mission is to show animals in all their splendor—horses in particular, as they represent his true passion. More information contact us. 

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Equine Beauty - Study of Horses - Raphael Macek

The legendary and complex relationship between humans and horses is an enduring one. The horse's distinctive blend of grace and strength and its sleek beauty has long been analyzed, admired and represented in artistic form - whether through painting, sculpture or photography. Raphael Macek's inspiring images of equine majesty feature both close-ups and complete figures against the backdrops of artful landscapes. His balanced composition and exquisite lighting highlight the form, texture and muscularity of each unique creature. There's a livliness and immediacy to this collection. So much so, that at times,it's as if these compelling portraits might just come to life at any second.


Raphael Macekworkshops attendee numbers are small and exclusive, which means we have time to focus on individuals and cater to every photographer’s needs; whether you are an amateur, an professional or even specialize in an entirely different field of photography altogether. We are sure that after this days you will leave with new ideas, knowledge and most of all, inspiration and guidance to put into your own practice, career and business...



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Study of Horses - Raphael Macek